Our Services

SUN MICRO  undertakes Maintenance contract for IBM, LENOVO and HP compatible range of Computer and peripherals Manufactured /assembled by Different vendors offering annual maintenance services/networking and network maintenance, computer system repair and maintenance, e-mail solutions and software solutions. Also supply computer systems and accessories such as desktops, memory chips, and computer adapters. Data recovery services such as hard disk data recovery, floppy data recovery, DAT cartridge data recovery and thumb drive data recovery etc.

The spectrum of services that we offer includes:

    • Enterprise Solutions: Sun Micro  provides Enterprise Solutions for the corporate services for its S&M Enterprise. Sun Micro applies our expertise in making the latest Internetworking technologies work for you..
    • Networking Solution:

      SUN MICRO NETWORKS is a CISCO and DAX Business Partner for their entire range of networking products including TP Cable, Hubs, Switches and LAN Cards. SUN MICRO NETWORKS deals in modem switches of other Brands also like DLINK, LINKSYS, 3COM etc.

    • Industrial Computing Solution: SUN MICRO   with expertise of more than 8 years in network design and implementation, Industrial Computer Solutions consultants help you create network solutions that will take you well into the 21st Century.
  • System Integration :We Provides complete system integration, our vast capabilities enable us to design any size system, we take our customers beyond the basic design and construction of one piece of equipment into the development of systems, combining our expertise in process design the system integration. Our skilled and versatile engineering staff enables us to provide our customers with optimal solutions to their unique problems and applications.