About us

Sun Micro Networks pvt.ltd was founded in 1995 by a team of experienced professionals with a passion for technology and a shared vision of a single-source technology solutions company that would serve the technology needs facing modern businesses.

The Company is one of the leading premier business partner of HP Compaq, ACER, LENOVO, Dell, HCL, APC, And Uniline etc .Our team consists of professionals bearing excellent moral & social status along with technical qualifications.

Sun Micro Networks offers IT Infrastructure Integration Services for businesses and organizations to run their mission-critical applications. With our strong expertise and lasting relationship with technology leaders like, HP Compaq, LENOVO, ACER, Dell, HCL, APC, Uniline, MICROSOFT and many others, we provide best-of-the-reed, end-to-end solutions to our Clients.


Today, that vision is a reality for Sun Micro Networks employees and clients alike. We are home to some of the most talented professionals and engineers in the industry, each with extensive real-world experience implementing and service solutions in a multiplicity of business environments. Together, this extended network of experts provides our staff with direct access to the information required delivering innovative, reliable solutions that directly address the unique needs of our clients


We achieve this with the help of our resource pool of engineers trained in diverse technologies, with vast domain knowledge and varied skill sets. Of our employees, about half have more than five years of experience. We have an impeccable educational profile as many as 45 per cent of our employees have more than five years of experience more than 28 per cent have postgraduate degrees and more than 42 per cent are engineers.

We also conduct significant research into emerging technologies and competence areas at our state-of-the-art that is what gives us an edge in complex, high technology projects.